Welcome to NZ Social Service Training prospectus, your gateway to access training and support as you learn in your role as a caregiver.

Decades of work with vulnerable families in New Zealand has taught us that learning develops practice and improves outcomes for our tamariki and rangatahi.

We recognise that for our tamariki to thrive, their physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social needs must be met. When caregivers are skilled and confident they can form a warm and secure attachment with their children that meets their developmental needs.

Skilled caregivers create a nurturing environment for their children to grow up in and flourish; where tamariki and rangatahi achieve developmental milestones, feel good about themselves and have a strong sense of self-identity.

Our programmes are designed for parents, caregivers, professionals, and whānau, and focus on building knowledge and skills around:

  • trauma
  • fostering attachment
  • resilience
  • positive relationships
  • managing behaviour
  • resolving conflict
  • communication

Our Training

We have introduced new courses into our Prospectus this year which highlight the direction in which we wish to take your learning, approaching parenting in a more therapeutic way.

We recognised a need to change the way we deliver our courses , so we have reviewed our course list, and re-shaped the way we deliver our programmes to work beautifully online as well as face-to-face.

Learners are finding our programmes easy to navigate and use. The courses are linked to a range of Government and Oranga Tamariki standards, and include videos, self-directed learning, quizzes, reflections, meetings, and many other fun and interactive ways of learning.

We are particularly proud of our 'Core knowledge' courses and will be working toward being able to add more specialised short courses and workshops that focus on specific aspects of parenting such as 'Grief and Loss' and 'Lying', as well as a communication course specifically designed to help build the relationships between caregivers and necessary services.

Our Initial Foster Caregiver training course is perfect for newly approved caregivers.

We do not require a referral to join our training courses, any whānau member can sign up at any time. However, please feel free to ask your Supervisor to contact us to discuss facilitating training through your Foster agency. We also recommend that your training requirements are discussed regularly with your Supervisors.