CG05 Awareness of gender identity and expression

7 hours

The purpose of this course is to increase a caregiver's awareness of gender identity and sexual orientation issues. To enhance a caregiver's ability to respond to young people in their care. The rights of transgender and intersex people, including changing birth certificates; and Human Rights.

A safe space to ask curious questions with a focus on understanding how to talk to the tamariki but also about talking to siblings to schools etc.

Learning aims:
  • Identify the relevance of gender identity issues when supporting children and young people.
  • Outline the legal protections available for children in their care, including the Human Rights Act 1993.
  • Describe how to respond confidently and sensitively to gender identity issues as they meet them in their role.
  • Confidently support and be aware of the needs of  young people in relation to gender identity.
  • Learn positive ways to help build mana and self-esteem, and preserve their identity.