CG04 Behaviour support

7 hours

Understanding tamariki’s challenging behaviour can help caregivers successfully handle anger, and help change anger outbursts. This course explores the impacts trauma has on behaviour, warning signs of anger outbursts, positive and negative consequences of behaviour, and expressing anger in a healthy manner.

An evidence based parenting programme designed to teach caregivers how to handle disagreements, and challenging behaviours; as well as how to express themselves to be heard, enhancing self-esteem and independence.

Learning aims:
  • Tamariki and caregivers can express themselves and be heard.
  • Be able to handle disagreements and problem behaviour.
  • Set clear limits without using demands or coercion.
  • Empower tamariki to open up, co-operate and realise their full potential.
  • Build outstanding relationships.
  • Motivate tamariki to willingly contribute