PD19 Focus on guilt, shame & self-criticism

7 hours

Guilt and shame often lives a rather subtle life in us, because we try to avoid those feelings and this leads to us withdrawing and closing down in situations where it would serve us better to open up and go towards connection.

When guilt, shame, and trauma are linked, as they often are, it can feel impossible to help the people you are supporting, or make progress with your own personal development.

Guilt and shame often shows up in how we parent, and there is much to learn as we understand the valuable functions of these feelings, and move towards freedom to hand on a different legacy to our children.

However, guilt and shame can be used as a key to our core qualities and allow our potential to enrich our communities and thereby ourselves. So there is nothing to get rid of, only to understand and integrate.

This course offers an opportunity to get to know more about how guilt, shame and self-criticism can cause people to hide their innermost feelings, cause people to lash out to mask shame with anger, or go into a ‘freeze’ state where they feel trapped and powerless.