CG06 Mental health awareness

3.5 hours

Good mental health is essential to good physical, social and spiritual health.It is essential for caregivers to have an understanding of why mental health is a big issue for tamariki in care, how to recognise if a child they are caring for is developing signs of a mental health disorder and how to support them.

This course encourages caregivers to understand mental health and what basic steps can be taken to improve the mental health in tamariki, rangatahi, as well as caregivers themselves.

We also address the need for caregivers to protect their own mental health and the importance of respite care which is beneficial to both caregiver and tamariki.

Learning outcomes:
  • Understand the definitions and context of the mental health needs of tamariki in care.
  • An understanding on how to recognise good mental health.
  • An introduction to commonly known mental health conditions, their signs and symptoms, and possible causes and treatments.
  • Practical techniques and strategies as to how you can best support individuals within your community and service area.
  • What you can do within your role to appropriately refer and signpost individuals to more specialist local support services.