PD16 Online safety

3.5 hours

The vast majority of adults in New Zealand are computer literate and own a mobile phone, providing them with almost unlimited access to information and the ability to keep in touch around the globe. This is also true for our tamariki and rangatahi for whom the internet has rapidly become an essential tool for learning, communication, self-expression and forming personal identity.

Learning aims:
  • How and why young people use the internet and social networking.
  • Ways to set and maintain boundaries on internet use and content accessed.
  • How to use parental security settings and build resilience to keep children and young people safe online.
  • How to create safe online profiles and reduce the risks associated with social networking.
  • About cyberbullying and how this differs from other forms of bullying behaviour.
  • How to report cyberbullying, grooming or online sexual exploitation.