PD15 Resilience and recovery

7 hours

Resilience helps recovery from trauma. Yet any tamariki and rangatahi can be traumatised, however resilient. Once traumatised even resilient children become vulnerable.

This course shows how resilience is linked to recovery from trauma, and how adults can help tamariki and rangatahi to develop resilience.

This course will enable caregivers to support and tamariki, rangatahi, and whānau to assess their own strengths and capabilities. It provides skills to take positive action in order to improve their own environment, relationships, experiences and outcomes.

Learning aims:
  • Identify key issues that impact on tamariki and rangatahi.
  • Discuss issues such as bullying, family breakdown, loss, identity, peer pressure, relationships, bereavement, trauma, conflict etc.
  • Investigate how mental and emotional wellbeing can be supported and influenced by their environment, their peers, adults, whānau and community.
  • Self-esteem will be addressed in the context of the individual but emphasis will be maintained on the core concepts of resilience, self-efficacy and confidence.
  • Explore communication theories in order to increase participants’ understanding of the way key interactions and positive environments can influence tamariki and rangatahi’s mental wellbeing.