CG03 Trauma informed parenting for potential

15 hours

A holistic, intensive, trauma-informed course that will help caregivers to see trauma through the eyes of tamariki in care. When traumatic experiences are over, the symptoms are not, and often tamariki are consumed by the impact of their trauma well into their adulthood if they do not get the right support.

This training course draws on te whare tapa whā, and aims to give caregivers the tools to help heal the trauma of abuse, neglect, loss, rejection, and support the mental, physical, spiritual, and whānau health of the tamariki and rangatahi.

Learning aims:

  • How to provide a safe, stable and trauma-informed care to tamariki.
  • A holistic understanding of trauma and its impact on the lives of tamariki.
  • How to offer a trauma-informed response to meet the needs of tamariki.
  • An appreciation for the importance of their own hauora.
  • Techniques to support themselves as caregivers and their whānau as part of trauma-informed caregiving.
  • How to help build resilience and strength.

Course info

  • The cost of this course is $495 per person.
  • The cost includes a copy of The No-Fault Zone game, and a copy of Nonviolent communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD. 
  • The cost also includes some workshop resources (notebook and pen) and light refreshments.
  • If you would like us to facilitate this course at your workplace please make contact and we will send you a quote. 
  • This course will take around 15 hours to complete.